Founded by Felipe Ruiz in Bogotá in 2017, VERA is a brand of the Vera leather design group.

VERA a clothing brand geared towards men’s fashion and without gender with operations in Colombia and Turkey.

“Vera” is inspired by the surname of its founder, who traditionally for more than five decades through three generations has dedicated himself to the preparation of leather tanning and finishing in Colombia.

Motivated by family tradition and the experience of owning their own tannery, the new generation members of the “Ruiz Vera” family have initiated their genetic vision to drive a relaxed and authentic approach to the design of men’s leather garments and accessories.

Driven by her success in the leather process, Vera decided to challenge herself by creating comfortable, sustainable and functional products using organic cotton and chrome-free leather.

Vera is inspired by people looking for an elegant and complete wardrobe that blurs the lines between casual and chic. In doing so, we value superior quality and uncompromising integrity.

He sees and mixes the ingredients to achieve perfection and is dedicated to creating pieces that will last a decade, not a season.

Excellence, creativity and premium quality are the principles of Vera. We combine respect for people and the environment, preserving artisan skills and supporting the legacy of our brand so that people can enhance their distinction.